Ana Monsó, Mathias Bensimon


APRIL 07 -
MAY 14 2023







Epode becomes a fragmentary response, where the exhibition space becomes a tangibilia, a sensitive object, the prism through which the substantive light of the work moves. This is where the poetics of Ana Monsó and Mathias Bensimon unfold. They question the variations of the work, and the relationship it has with space and light; consubstantial entities of the art object. Within this exhibition, the paintings presented by Ana Monsó force us to question the message of the work, to look for the singular, the nuance; like the solitary gaze that sweeps through urban life, Ana forces the viewer to take time, to stop on the hidden signs of a memorial presence; symbolic where the poetic vision arises: letters, words, which reveal the metaphor of the memory, barely visible, a that-was.


I center my work on self-reflection of the sacred moments of my life. Drawing from my childhood memories, I create freely, allowing the final work to be a fusion of my inspirations. My work is an ode to latent childlike innocence. I try to reinterpret the world without rules and boundaries, as a child would do before social judgment and established norms were imposed. Ana Monsó


In the field of my practice, light constitutes the heart of my work. Light as a medium and substance, but also light as a revealing intelligence. As a testimony of the different manifestations of reality, light can appear to us under a multitude of forms and reflections. It raises the question of the visible and the invisible. How to make visible the invisible? How to touch the immaterial source while passing by the matter? Mathias Bensimon

An individuation that we find through the paintings of Mathias Bensimon, for whom the light has a materiality of its own, a consistency. He makes of it the architect, the demiurge, which, by the movement, gives life to the various colors which different shades that dance under the eyes of the viewer. This multitude of individual characters gives his works the free interpretation of their poetry, what he calls "space"; an intimate relationship between the subjectivity of the subject looking and the object looked at. Two singular artists are presented here by the Ghost Galerie. Two artists who, with regard to the urban art of graffiti and post-graffiti, espouse an approach, if not similar, at least concomitant with a need to abandon the formal and conceptual structure, and this, in an increased desire to awaken the subjective sensitivity of the viewer. Text by Léon Vuillecard

Ana Monsó

Born in 1998 in Barcelona, Spain

Having studied art and design in Cambridge and then fashion design at the University of the Arts in London from which she graduated in 2020. In 2021, she presented her first solo exhibition at the Pigment Gallery in Barcelona, which introduced her to the Art Nou fair. Since 2021, her work has been exhibited in several contemporary art fairs in Europe, and in June 2022, she presents her second solo exhibition entitled "Ode to Childhood" at the Pigment Gallery in Barcelona. Ana has also been exhibited during the artco week at the UVNT Art Fair in Madrid. She is currently one of the resident artists of the contemporary art program Piramidón in Barcelona along with twenty other artists and will join the Royal Academy of Art in London in 2023.

Mathias Bensimon

Born in 1996 in Paris, France

Graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2022, Mathias Bensimon is a French artist, visual artist, performer and dancer. During his training, he joined the studio of Ann Veronica Janssens, a famous Belgian artist who has questioned the effects of transparency and light and with whom he was able to study the relationship between experimentation and perception. Mathias will exhibit at the Musée d'Orsay next March as part of the exhibition "Pastels, from Millet to Redon" from March 14 to July 2. In October 2022, he will participate in the exhibition organized by Lawrence Van Hagen at Paulin in Paris. Since 2019, he has also collaborated with the Musée du Grand Palais in Paris as part of the EuroFabrique, the Museu Arqueologico do Carmo, the Museum of Fine arts, the Ho Chi Minh City, the Temple of Hesadera, the Tokyo Musashino museum as well as the Château de la Colle Noire where he participates at the Dior prize.