Photo de profil de Sharp.


(Aaron Goodstone - American)

Born in 1966

Photo de profil de Sharp.
Sharp is at the origin, with DELTA, of the KA group: the "Kings Arrive", in the early 1980s. And it was on line 6 of the New York subway that it was most active. Sharp, of Caribbean descent, received a Jewish upbringing which he claims as a major influence in his painting. In the Jewish tradition, there are no figurative representations, and each letter of the Hebrew sacred alphabet carries meaning. Which also makes us think of Rammellzee's theory of letters. He explains that his penchant for abstraction comes from there. Sharp began to practice graffiti to protect himself and to be able to ignore the violent and frustrating social environment in which he grew up. The modern Western alphabet is his primary artistic quest. Sharp includes in his paintings his research on the Greek, Hebrew, Egyptian and Roman alphabets, with the aim of breaking the shackles of modern language, and the conditioning that relates to it. Sharp was also often represented by his friend the artist Martin Wong.



    - Helenbeck Galerie, Changing the game, Nice (France) 2009

    - Speerstra Gallery, Magical Radical Renegades, Genève (Suisse)

    - Galeria Art-Vall, Decadent aspect of poverty, Andorre


    - Avant Garden Gallery Ghetto Bougeois, Milan


    - My Own Gallery, Live Painting, Milan (Italie)

    - Montana Gallery, Henry Chalfant / Sharp, Barcelone (Espagne)

    - Galleria Palazzo,Daze and Sharp, Florence (Italie)

    - Nano Universe, Bronx Style, Tōkyō (Japon)


    - Speerstra Gallery, Romance of innocence from hence we came, Paris

    - Carhartt Paris, Nutricious, Paris

    - Sharp-Henry Chalfant, The ex-political factor, Amsterdam

    - Mhi, New protocols of the learned elders, London


    - Per M Space Gallery, The Debut of Baby got Knots, Tokyo

    - Fashion Institute of Technology, Deans Gallery, The Seven Thunders, New York


    - Speerstra Gallery, The Reeducation of Sharpy Butterz, Paris

    - Mi Art, Prosper, Milan


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    - Brick Lane Gallery, Roots Remembered, Londres

    - Galerie L ’Aeronef, Symphony to your fears, Lille 1996

    - Oxford Gallery, Projecting the Pain, Oxford

    - Ark Gallery, Sharp-Jonone, Tokyo


    - Space-Time-Light Gallery, Between Passion there is always Pain, New York


    - Espace Mirajes, Post Modern Supermarket of Style, Paris

    - Parsec Corporation, Induced Vertigo, Berlin


    - Speerstra Gallery / Michel Gillet, From the Gates of the Ghetto, Paris



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    - Helenbeck Galerie / Jean Gismondi Galerie, Who's the king, Paris (France)


    - Helenbeck Galerie, Whole in the wall, New-York (USA)

    - Helenbeck Galerie, Il est interdit d'interdire, Nice (France)


    - Helenbeck Galerie / Jean Gismondi Galerie, "Whole in the wall", Paris (France)


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    - Franklin Furnace Gallery, Melee, New York


    - Nada Gallery, Brute Force, New York

    - Cuando, Purgatory, New York

    - Basel Art Fair 16, Suisse


    - Fun Gallery, Christmas Show, New York

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    - Terminal Art Show, New York

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