Photo de profil de Dondi White.


(Donal J. White - American)

1961 - 1998

Photo de profil de Dondi White.
Donald Joseph White also known as Dondi White, is a renowned American graffiti artist, born on April 7th 1961 in New York, internationally recognized for his dynamic lettering seen, for a time, on entire subway cars. Today he is considered a legend of Graffiti. He formed the group CIA in 1977 and rapidly took the New York scene by storm as its natural leader. The early 1980’s see the beginning of Dondi’s work on canvas, surrounded by icons of the East Village : Futura 2000 (Lenny McGurr) (American, born in 1955), Keith Haring (American, 1958 - 1990) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (American, 1960 - 1988). Dondi White masterfully translates the letters and symbolic icons that make up his urban sphere, in a strikingly intimate way. Having passed away on October 2nd 1998, his oeuvre has been exhibited in avant-garde art institutions such as the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, the Fun Gallery in New York and the Musée des Monuments Français in Paris.

« I never was a graffiti writer artist even when I was active in the subway yards. I was a subway painter. A subway writer now that I do work on canvas. The work consists of high tech letters with ghetto based images (they are not graffiti paintings). If you must tittle my work it can only up under one title Dondism which is the state of Dondi. The composer of Dondism »

« I never had to compromise myself. It was always me, doing what was comfortable, and relaying the message that I didn’t have to be taught to be creative and do good things. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m here and I want to be heard. I come from the streets, I painted on subways, and I feel that my work is important. I want people to see it - I want to influence others »

« Dondism » - du 8 avril au 10 mai 2018 - Marseille.


    - High school GED



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