Photo de profil de Blade.


(Steven D. Ogburn - American)

Born in 1957

Photo de profil de Blade.
Steven D. Ogburn born in 1957 New York, takes the name “Blade” as a teenager, referencing a knife or a sword. He is collectively understood in the history of Graffiti as The King of Kings of Graffiti. As the initiator of various styles, his presence was unmistakable on the New York subway cars in the 1970’s. It is essential to follow Blade’s work on trains in order to understand American graffiti: today, we estimate that he has covered 5000 of them with his writing. He created the TC5 crew (Crazy Five), active on the 2 and 5 subway lines that connected Brooklyn to the Bronx. Emerging from a generation in which Wild Style was raging, the artist never fell in line. He uses letters, colors, geometric shapes, abstraction and even characters that he develops with a rather unique freedom. The train car fresco titled The Walking Letters has namely made its mark in Graffiti history as one of the longest to have run across the city. From 1984 onwards, Blade focused on working with canvas. As a result he notably participated in the monumental exhibition Art in the Streets at the MOCA in Los Angeles in 2011.


    - Self-taught graffiti artist



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