Photo de profil de ToddJames.



Born in 1969

Photo de profil de ToddJames.
American artist and visual artist, Todd James was born in 1969 in New York where he still lives and works. Coming from the graffiti scene under the name REAS in the late 1980’, Todd James creates paintings on canvas as well as works on paper that repeat the graphic structure of his youthful graffiti. Distinguished by contrasting flat tones of bright colors creating vibrant figurative compositions, Todd James' works focus on provocative subjects with poignant messages. These serious works convey a sense of lightness through the use of a wide variety of electric colors, the artist's signature. His work reflects his wide range of experiences and shares certain affinities with those of his artist friends : Steve Powers and Barry McGee with whom he created the cult exhibition Street Market at the ICA in Philadelphia in 1999 and at Deitch projects in New York in 2000. This installation was recreated as the central work of the Art in the Street exhibition at MOCA in Los Angeles in 2011. His work is part of many prestigious private collections including the MIMA Museum in Brussels.



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