Photo de profil de Rammellzee.



1960 - 2010

Photo de profil de Rammellzee.
Rammellzee, born in 1960 in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York, was a sculptor, a visual artist and a rapper born out of the Graffiti scene. The artist passed away in 2010, leaving behind the legacy of his theory of “Wild Style” and of “Gothic Futurism”, characterized by his illegible writing taking inspiration from gothic lettering: the dynamic appearance of the letters or the vibrantly colored illuminations. According to Rammmellzee, every letter has its own dynamic, its own acoustic, and a very particular energy. In interviews starring the artist he often describes people and the world they live in as being part of a mathematical equation. This recurrent idea is evident in his pictorial work, especially through his use of various mediums and random objects, usually found on the streets, organized and bound together by polyurethane resins to create dynamic and highly symbolic compositions. Gifted with an incredible charisma, Rammellzee truly embodied his work : he wore intricate masks, imposing armors made of objects randomly assembled in a futuristic-medieval style, during exhibition opening but also during his intense, interminable rap performances. The artist touched and influenced the different forms of independent Hip Hop. His pieces have been showcased in personal exhibitions in Europe and the United States at the beginning of the 1990’s, but also in countless group shows. The MOCA in Los Angeles owns a unique permanent collection of the artist’s works. The exhibition Racing for Thunder, organised by Red Bull in 2018, was dedicated to retracing Rammellzee’s path as the punk of the Post-Graffiti movement.


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