Photo de profil de JammieHolmes.



Born in 1984

Photo de profil de JammieHolmes.
Born in 1984 in Louisiana, USA, Jammie Holmes is a young self-taught artist whose expressive figurative work deals with the thematic of African Americans in the Deep South. Marked by the slave-owning past of his native region and town of Thibodaux, Louisiana, Jammie Holmes' work is a call to collective memory. A deeply committed artist, he exhibits his work in Los Angeles, Dallas, Detroit, New York and also in Europe. In May 2020, Holmes attracted particular attention when he commissioned planes to fly over major American cities with banners adorned with the last words of George Floyd. Jammie Holmes has several solo shows to his credit such as Pieces of a Man at the Library Street Collective in 2021, What happened of the soul food? at the Gana Art Center in 2022 and a group show at the Massima Landau Foundation in Tel Aviv as well as the Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio.



    - Present Generations : Creating the Scantland collection of the Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio, USA, June 25th - May 22th.

    - Jammie Holmes: What Happened to the Soul Food?, Gana Art Center, Seoul, January 27 – February 27th.

    - What happened to the Soul Food?, Gana Art Center Seoul, South Korea, January 27th - February 27th.


    - Pieces of a Man, Library Street Collective, Detroit, USA, May 22nd - June 17th.


    - Everything Hurts, Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, USA, Mai 30th - Juin 16th.

    - Anatomy : Jammie Holmes, Library Street Collective, Detroit, USA, Août 27th - Octobre 8th.



    - Accrochage saisonnier, Ghost Galerie, Paris, France, Janvier-Juin 2022


    - Present Generations : Creating the Scantland Collection of the Columbus of Art, Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, USA, Juin 24th, 2021 - Mai 22nd, 2022.

    - Shattered Glass, Deitch Projects, Los Angeles, USA, Mars 20th - Mai 22nd.

    - In Situ, Marianne Boesky, New York, USA, Janvier 7th - Février 6th.


    - High Voltage, Curated by Suzanne Landau, Nassima-Landau Projects, Tel Aviv, Israel, Novembre 24th, 2020 - Janvier 16th, 2021.

    - To Be Determined, Curated by Vivian Crockett, Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, USA, Septembre 27th - Decembre 27th.

    - We Used to Gather, Library Street Collective, New York, USA, Juillet 18th - Septembre 18th.

    - Dallas Art Fair Online, LMAK Gallery, Dallas, USA, Avril 14th - 23rd.


    - Eye To Eye, Band Of Vices, Los Angeles, USA, Septembre 12th - Octobre 10th.

    - 23rd Annual No Dead Artists : International Juried Exhibition Of Contemporary Art, Jonathan Ferrara Gallery, New Orleans, USA, Septembre 4th - 28th.

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